Help to Reach My Funding Goal by End of May

16 May 2018 • Thorbjørn Lindeijer

I started working two days/week on Tiled in July 2016, which enabled reaching the huge Tiled 1.0 milestone one year ago. Then, after mentoring three awesome students in the GSoC 2017 and polishing up their work, we made another big release with Tiled 1.1. Each release was followed up by many patch releases. Now, I’m working on finishing Tiled 1.2, which will bring several great productivity improvements and I’m already eager to continue the Roadmap to Tiled 1.3.

Funding Challenges

Unfortunately, in the past two months, the support on Patreon has dropped significantly. This is mainly because 3 major patrons have reduced their pledges, for different reasons. It is fully understandable and even expected that this will happen sometimes, but it means currently I’m my own biggest sponsor filling an $800/month gap, which I can’t sustain for another month. Another reason this gap became so big is that in the past year the Dollar value has decreased by about 10% relative to the Euro, to which I have recently adjusted my funding goals. All this comes on top of the fact that I’ve already been my own biggest sponsor for a while, funding a missing $4000 in total in 2017.

Of course, that’s compared to just working full time on the job that I have, and I accepted it because I got to do what I love! But it is not sustainable for me and my family. If I don’t reach those funding goals by the end of the month, I’ll need to cancel my office and reduce the time I work on Tiled to one day/week. That would make me very sad and it would greatly delay further Tiled development.

How You Can Help

  • If Tiled helps you in your project, please consider becoming a patron! At the current average pledge of around $5/month I could reach my goal when just 150 Tiled users would sign up.

  • If you are working at a game development studio, please ask whether it would be possible for your studio to sponsor Tiled development. For $100/month you will even get a banner link to your studio or project on the Tiled website!

  • Tell your friends! Share this call for help in order to have it reach as many people as possible. Tell them why you believe it’s worth supporting this free and independent content development tool.

  • If you don’t mind being completely anonymous (could be a good thing!), please support Tiled on Liberapay instead. See the statement on that page about the advantages. I’ll lower the goal on Patreon depending on the support on Liberapay.

Thank you!

Last but not least, I can’t thank enough all the people who have funded Tiled development so far, both on Patreon and on Before dropping to the current level, the monthly support had slowly gone up to $1700/month, reaching my two days/week goal and eventually allowing me to rent an office again so I can work more effectively (not being surrounded by my two kids, soon to be three!). All of you are the sole reason Tiled has kept getting better, so a big thank-you to everybody who has contributed!

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