Tiled 1.7.2 Released

10 August 2021 • Thorbjørn Lindeijer

This release fixes a bunch of small issues, including two possible crashes. I expect this to be the last stability update to Tiled 1.7.


  • Avoid automatically replacing external tilesets with “similar” ones
  • Fixed copying and capturing stamps on staggered maps (with Alexander Dorogov, #2874)
  • Fixed possible crash in Tile Animation Editor
  • Fixed data loss when saving maps with tilesets that failed to load (#3106)
  • Fixed creating multi-layer tile stamp from selection (#2899)
  • Scripting: Automatically reset object ID when adding to avoid duplicate IDs
  • Linux: Possible workaround for crash in clipboard manager
  • Updated to Sentry 0.4.12
  • Updated Italian translation


Many thanks to all who’ve reported issues or enabled the crash reporting feature, and of course to everybody who supports Tiled development with a donation!

If you enjoy using Tiled and have not donated yet, please consider a small monthly donation through GitHub or other platforms. With your support I can keep improving this tool!

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