Tiled 1.3.5 released

27 May 2020 • Thorbjørn Lindeijer

A few more fixes were made since Tiled 1.3.4, some of them quite important for some people. Hence, here is another patch release for Tiled 1.3!


  • Fixed initialization and restoring of map view (#2779)
  • Fixed skewed tile terrain/Wang overlays for non-square tiles (#1943)
  • Fixed link color on dark theme
  • Fixed small issue when right-clicking embedded tileset tab
  • Fixed Wang Sets toggle to also appear in the Tileset menu
  • Scripting: Fixed issue when closing/committing BinaryFile (#2801)
  • Scripting: Fixed “Safe writing of files” when writing with TextFile
  • Updated Qt to 5.12.8 on all platforms
  • Small translation updates to Bulgarian, French and Portuguese

The next release will be the Tiled 1.4 Beta!

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