Tiled 1.2 Release Candidate released

12 September 2018 • Thorbjørn Lindeijer

The Tiled 1.2 Release Candidate is now available as the latest development snapshot, bringing fixes, last-minute features as well as some updated translations. Please give it a go and provide feedback! I expect to make the final release within a week from now.


Here are the changes since the Tiled 1.2 Beta:

Gauthier Billot

  • Display full path in recent files menu tool tips (#1992)

Kyle Filz

  • Lua plugin: Include properties from templates (#1901)

Thorbjørn Lindeijer

  • tBIN plugin: Several improvements (#1985)
  • AutoMapping: Changed matching outside of map boundaries (added MatchOutsideMap property)
  • Properties view now applies changes to all selected layers
  • Made “Merge Layer Down” work on all selected layers
  • Made “Offset Layers” tool work on all selected layers
  • Make Ctrl+Q work for quitting on all platforms (#1998)
  • Qbs: Fixed warning messages in Python probe
  • Fixed reading of infinite maps that don’t use chunked layer data
  • Fixed randomizing of terrain, Wang tiles and stamp variations (#1949)
  • Fixed tilesets getting added to maps when they shouldn’t be (#2002)

Translation Updates

  • Norwegian Bokmål (by Allan Nordhøy)
  • German (by Erik Schilling)
  • Portuguese (Portugal) (by João Lopes)
  • Polish (by Michał Wawrzynowicz)
  • Russian (by Rafael Osipov)
  • French (by Rhenaud Dubois)
  • Dutch (by Thorbjørn Lindeijer)
  • Turkish (by monolifed)
  • Bulgarian (by Любомир Василев)

Thanks to everybody who is helping by reporting issues, providing patches or updating translations, to make sure that Tiled 1.2 will be a great release!

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