Tiled 1.2 Beta released

22 August 2018 • Thorbjørn Lindeijer

At long last it is almost time for Tiled 1.2! But before we get there, we will still need some time for fixing bugs, updating translations and acting on last-minute feedback from those using the development snapshots. The latest snapshot (version 2018.08.22) is considered a Tiled 1.2 Beta release.

If you have been staying with the stable Tiled versions so far, this is the perfect time to install the snapshot and try out the new features! By doing this you have a chance to make sure they work fine in your project as well, and to report any new issues before the final release.

Here is a quick summary of the major updates since Tiled 1.1:

In terms of compatibility it is important to note:

  • The JSON format was simplified a bit. Loaders will need to be adjusted, but the adjustments should be pleasant.
  • The Python plugin was updated to Python 3. Currently there are still compatibility issues since you’ll need to use the same minor version of Python 3 that Tiled was built against for the plugin to load.

I hope you will have fun trying out the beta and I’m looking forward to hear your feedback!

Thanks to everybody who made this release possible! There was a big focus on usability and productivity in these past months, thanks in large part to the priority requests from several major patrons. Patrons on Patreon and Liberapay and everybody who bought Tiled on itch.io contributed to the time I could spend to implement these features. Thank you!

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