Tiled 1.1.3 released

06 March 2018 • Thorbjørn Lindeijer

This release brings a host of bug fixes and some translation updates. Upgrading is recommended!


  • Fixed crash when removing a tileset referenced by multiple objects
  • Fixed crash on paste when it introduced more than one new tileset
  • Fixed Invert Selection for non-infinite maps
  • Fixed Select All to not select objects on locked layers
  • Fixed logic determining the tilesets used by a tile layer
  • Fixed copy/paste changing object order (#1896)
  • Fixed tileset getting loaded twice when used by the map and a template
  • Fixed repainting issues on undo/redo for new maps (#1887)
  • JSON plugin: Fixed loading of infinite maps using CSV tile layer format (#1878)
  • Linux: Updated AppImage to Qt 5.9.4
  • Updated Hungarian, Japanese, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese and Ukrainian translations

Many thanks to everybody who submitted bug reports and translation updates, as well as to all who support me financially so that I can keep up Tiled development and maintenance!

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