Tiled 0.16.2 released

07 July 2016 • Thorbjørn Lindeijer

While work on the next feature release of Tiled continues, also some bugfixes have accumulated. In addition, the releases are now built against Qt 5.6 (previously Qt 5.5), which fixed some issues as well. Here’s the full list:

  • JSON plugin: Fixed loading of custom properties on terrains
  • Lua plugin: Fixed missing export of object layer drawing order (#1289)
  • Fixed tile index adjustment when tileset image changes width (#1242)
  • Fixed --export-map [format] option (#1307)
  • Fixed shortcuts for some tools when language is set to Dutch (#1280)
  • Fixed a painting related bug affecting the top edge after AutoMapping (#1308)
  • Fixed issues when compiling against Qt 5.6 on OS X and Windows (#1309)
  • Fixed crash on maximizing with Maps view open on Windows (#1153, #1268, Qt 5.6.1)
  • Fixed focus issue while typing predefined object types (#1244, Qt 5.6)
  • Fixed silent fail when saving to restricted location on Windows (#965, Qt 5.6)

Download Tiled 0.16.2 through itch.io. Enjoy!

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