Tiled 0.16.1 released

06 May 2016 • Thorbjørn Lindeijer

Today I noticed that the Windows packages for Tiled 0.16.0 did not actually have the auto-updater enabled. This bugfix release resolves that issue as well as fixing several small issues. It also includes an updated Turkish translation and a Norwegian Bokmål translation was added.

  • Fixed auto-updater not enabled for Windows release (f2bb1725)
  • Fixed saving of object IDs assigned to tile collision shapes (#1052)
  • Fixed crash when pressing Backspace with Custom Properties section selected (#1245)
  • Fixed crash on exit when leaving the Tile Collision Editor open (#1253)
  • Added Norwegian Bokmål translation (by Peter André Johansen, #1261)
  • Updated Turkish translation (#1254)

Download Tiled 0.16.1 through itch.io.

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