Tiled 0.6.0 released

23 June 2006 • Thorbjørn Lindeijer

Announcing a new release within a few weeks unfortunately ended up as not much more than an April Fools' joke. However, more than a year after our last release, Tiled 0.6.0 finally made it. It is probably our most stable release ever. New features include internationalization, stamp brush functionality, rewritten preferences code (no more tiled.conf) and a JSON export plugin. A small change was made to the map format. In all cases, the properties are now wrapped in a properties element.

  • Added internationalization, with translations to Dutch, German, Italian, French and Spanish
  • Added stamp function for pencil: right-click, drag now creates a stamp for easy copying
  • Added more error-checking to XMLMapTransformer, the default map reader
  • Added global properties for tilesets (properties set for all tiles)
  • Added the ability to merge tile images when layers are merged
  • Added more useful visual feedback for some brushes
  • Added remembering of main window state as suggested by Dennis Spreen
  • Added remembering of size and divider position to tile palette dialog
  • Added memory usage display and a garbage collect button to the about dialog
  • Added JSON exporter plugin by Nader Akhres
  • Improved memory usage and speed in several areas
  • Fixed new tileset dialog so that it is now possible to change the tile height to something other than the tile height used by the map
  • Fixed a bug when exporting a tileset with an external image
  • Fixed two cases of hanging when using the fill tool
  • Fixed tile palette bug of not accounting for gaps in tile ids
  • Fixed tile palette bug of displaying multiple tilesets over eachother
  • Fixed bug of adding a new tile even if cancelling out of new tile dialog
  • Fixed NullPointerException when saving a map with no extension
  • Fixed the zooming so that it keeps the center in place
  • Fixed exiting even when a request to save the changes failed
  • Fixed layer merging so that undo/redo of operation is functional
  • Fixed resetting of selected tileset in tile palette on layer rearrangements
  • Fixed saving of tile properties when using a tileset image
  • Fixed loading of invisible layers
  • Fixed saving of tile spacing property for tileset images
  • Fixed configuring, saving and loading of maps using embedded images
  • Rewrote configuration based on the Preferences class, no more tiled.conf
  • Cleaned up TileSet (removed checksumming and rotation/orientation code)
  • Removed experimental hexagonal mapview from new map dialog
  • Removed option to not automatically create tiles from a tileset image
  • Changed map format to store properties within a single "properties" element
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