Tiled 1.2.4 released

15 May 2019 • Thorbjørn Lindeijer

This release fixes various issues that have been discovered. It also adds a Swedish translation.


  • Fixed view boundaries to take into account layer offsets (#2090)
  • Fixed map size when switching infinite off (#2051)
  • Fixed the image cache to check file modification time (#2081)
  • Fixed updating a few things when changing tileset drawing offset
  • Fixed position of tile object outline on isometric maps
  • Fixed saving of tile stamps when using the Shape Fill Tool
  • tBIN plugin: Fixed loading of some tilesets on Linux
  • tBIN plugin: Fixed possible crash when images can’t be found (#2106)
  • Python plugin: Disable this plugin by default, to avoid crashes on startup (#2091)
  • JSON plugin: Fixed writing of position for objects without ID
  • Added Swedish translation (by Anton Regnander)

Next Release

In the meantime, the development towards Tiled 1.3 is progressing nicely. Its main feature is to be extensible using JavaScript, but it will also render collision shapes on the map and allows the keyboard shortcuts to be changed. Consider giving it a try, your feedback is welcome!

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