Tiled 1.2.1 released

14 November 2018 • Thorbjørn Lindeijer

This long-due patch release fixes several issues present in Tiled 1.2.0, so upgrading is recommended! The snapshot builds have been updated as well and minor updates have been made to the documentation.


  • Fixed JSON templates not being visible in Templates view (#2009)
  • Fixed Maps view to show all readable map formats
  • Fixed crash when deleting a command using the context menu (by Robert Lewicki, #2014)
  • Fixed crash after a world file failed to load
  • Fixed Select None action to be enabled when there is any selection
  • Fixed disappearing of tile types on export/import of a tileset (#2023)
  • Fixed tool shortcuts when using Spanish translation
  • Fixed saving of the “Justify” alignment option for text objects (#2026)
  • Changed Cut, Copy and Delete actions to apply based on selected layer types
  • Windows: Updated builds to Qt 5.9.7
  • Updated Russian translation (by Rafael Osipov, #2017)

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this patch release!

Current Development

I recently took a one-month break from Tiled development to focus on renovating a house we’d like to move into soon. While that’s far from done, in the meantime I’m back on Tiled development. I’ve started looking into making Tiled scriptable, one of the major features on the roadmap for the next Tiled release.

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