Tiled 0.18.1 released

23 January 2017 • Thorbjørn Lindeijer

Today I’ve released Tiled 0.18.1, a recommended upgrade since it fixes some crashes and several other issues. It also makes a host of improvements to the GameMaker 1.4 export.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release with bug reports, suggestions or patches!

A note for Windows users upgrading from previous versions using the installer: Please first uninstall Tiled manually and then reinstall using the installer. Due to fixing the installer to work properly system-wide, it will fail to upgrade versions before 0.18.1 and leave behind a broken Tiled.


  • Fixed terrain brush for isometric staggered maps (#427, by Clyde)
  • Fixed crash when resizing map causes objects to get removed
  • Fixed crash when duplicating an object layer
  • Fixed position of image layer after Resize or Offset Map (#1418)
  • Fixed the quality of the minimap on HiDpi displays
  • Fixed Alt-drag behavior to not override resize handles (#1425)
  • When adding a new layer, insert it above the current one
  • GmxPlugin: Fixed positioning for non-tile objects and support scaling (#1426)
  • GmxPlugin: Export tile objects without a type as tiles
  • GmxPlugin: Support horizontal and vertical flipping
  • Windows: Fixed encoding problems with command-line output (#1381)
  • Windows: Fixed the architecture of shipped MSVC DLLs (#1338)
  • Updated Chinese translation (#1432, by Clyde)

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These fixes and improvements were possible thanks to your support through Patreon and on itch.io! If you are not supporting me yet, please chip in to ensure they can keep coming! Thanks! :heart:

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