Tiled 0.12.0 released

14 May 2015 • Thorbjørn Lindeijer

Please welcome the first community supported Tiled release! The main new feature in this release is the improved support for object resizing, including support for resizing polygons and tile objects. The time I needed to finalize the integration of this pull request and doing subsequent polishing was sponsored directly by my patrons. I want to thank them all for their invaluable contributions! If you're using Tiled and want to help me spend more time on improving it, please consider becoming a patron. Even a small amount is very appreciated!

There have been some smaller additions and bunch of fixes as well. Here's the full changelog:

  • Added support for resizing any object as well as multiselection (with mauve)
  • Added Control modifier for preserving aspect ratio while resizing
  • Added Shift modifier for resizing with origin in the middle
  • Added Alt modifier for suppressing selection changes when starting to drag
  • Added a Magic Wand selection tool (by Henry Jia)
  • Added tile probability attribute to tile properties view
  • Added a Donate button to the About dialog
  • Added a Patreon dialog to the Help menu
  • Added an --export-formats command line option
  • Remember the directory used for external tilesets (by Henry Jia)
  • Don't set a window icon on Mac OS X
  • Changed the way tile probability is applied (now it's relative)
  • Fixed a crash in the terrain brush
  • Fixed object selection behavior when Shift is held while clicking on nothing
  • Fixed grid snapping being applied for staggered maps even when not enabled
  • Fixed infinite memory allocation loop on invalid tile size in TMX file
  • Fixed file icon associated with TMX files on Windows
  • Fixed automapping of tile objects (by Seanba)
  • Fixed 'Export as Image' to handle out of memory errors
  • Fixed TMX files to be written in native line endings
  • Fixed .desktop file missing %f argument for passing files (by Ying-Chun Liu)
  • Fixed cursor position resetting when editing object type
  • Added Arabic (Algeria) translation (by Damene Abdelkader)
  • Updated, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish translations

Finally, many thanks to all who've submitted pull requests and to all translators who took the time to update their translations!

Now go and get it at the Download page!

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