Tiled Qt 0.7.1 released

27 September 2011 • Thorbjørn Lindeijer

Work is well underway on a future 0.8.0 release, but meanwhile also some bugs have been fixed that made it worth releasing 0.7.1. This release also updates the Czech translation and changes the way maps are exported to Lua so that they no longer rely on a global "map" variable.

  • Select stamp tool when selecting tiles in tileset view (by Stefan Beller)
  • Enable anti-aliasing in OpenGL mode
  • Small improvement to the Lua export plugin (incompatible!)
  • Fixed a bug in the Create Object tool that could lead to a crash
  • Fixed reading of maps without tilesets but with a tile layer
  • Fixed position of tile objects to center on the mouse on insertion
  • Updated the Czech translation (by Petr Viktorin)
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