Tiled Qt 0.6.2 released

08 May 2011 • Thorbjørn Lindeijer

This release fixes a few minor bugs reported by users. Since it didn't seem likely that much more fixes would accumulate, it was time to get them out there. The changes are:

  • Fixed object layers losing their color when resizing the map
  • Fixed the tabs in the Tilesets dock to use scroll buttons on MacOS X
  • Fixed window title to update when saving a map with a different name

The 0.7.0 release is expected to be still quite a bit off, but meanwhile you can already compile Tiled yourself from the git master branch to try out some of the new features. These include merging layers, copy & paste support for objects and various improvements to the support for running external commands. Maybe you could even try adding your own favorite feature to the list!

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